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TikTok what is it and should you be using it for your business marketing?

29 July 2019 -

TikTok what is it and should you be using it for your business marketing?


Firstly what is TikTok?


TikTok is an app that allows users to create and share short-form video as well as adding effects such as stickers and music. Content is then distributed in much the same way as Instagram through users following accounts, likes and the use of hashtags. Think of a mix between Instagram stories and Vine and you're pretty close to TikTok.


What content is on TikTok?


You can expect to see a lot of challenges on the app such as dance or sports . Jimmy Fallon's #TumbleweedChallenge created 8,000 videos and over 9 million views in just seven days proving that the user base loves a challenge and is not afraid to get involved. Other content you can see includes music both from big artists such as Ed Sheran and from people looking to be discovered. Sports, fashion and cooking also make up a big part of content shared.


Who is using TikTok?


The majority of TikTok users are 13 - 24 with a massive 66% of users being under 30 so the user base is young and mostly made up of Gen Z. There are some big names using TikTok we have included some examples from different industries below:


Music: Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Dua Lipa and Justin Bieber.


Sports: NBA, Arsenal and Rugby World Cup.


Food: Love food, Your food lab and Tasty.


Beauty and fashion: Too Faced, Missguided and Target


How can you use it as a business?


There are two main ways a business can start to use TikTok. The first being original content. Brands can create video and upload it to their account then use hashtags to distribute it. You should be aware that creating original content for your business is likely to be time-consuming. You will likely need a member of your team who is comfortable in front of the camera and should be something you commit to doing as a team. The other option is influencer marketing. There are many influencers on the platform with millions of followers, so whether you like to work with large influencers, or smaller more niche influencers, you will be sure to find one to work with.


Is there an advertising option?


TikTok has not yet rolled out an advertising platform like we see on the other sites, but this is sure to be something coming soon. Users have already demonstrated their willingness to purchase via the app with 3.5 million being spent on in-app purchases.


So what is our advise and should you use TikTok?


If your target market in 13 - 30 then you should start to think about using TikTok. You should also look into using the app if your business is in the sports, food, fashion, music or beauty industry. If your business fits this description and you are used to creating videos for other social media platforms then have a go at original content. If video is a new and scary thing then why not start off with some influencer marketing?


Even if TikTok does not currently suit your business it's still worth downloading the app and keeping an eye on how it changes. New sites evolve over time and it may become relevant to your business.


If you would like to start using TikTok but do not have the time or expertise to run campaigns for yourself a marketing agency can help, and we at Spotlight would, of course, be delighted to help.