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Professional Sectors

11 October 2018 - Professional Sectors

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Most professional sector companies do not utilise the power of social media marketing, this meansthey are missing out on a cost-effective and relevant way of reaching potential clients.  At Spotlight, we specialise in helping the professions reach new clients through the power of digital marketing.  

When it comes to marketing professional sector companies such as solicitors, financial advisors or mortgage brokers the key is to build trust with potential clients before they have even meet you or your company.  When the time comes that they require your services you are the first company they turn to for help. 

Further to this sometimes people are not aware that they may need your services.  For example, if you are a financial adviser people may not know they need help to invest their pensions but through social media, we can tell them why they do and how your services could benefit them. This is a proactive form of marketing and can help to create new clients from a completely cold audience. 

We understand that it is important to be aware of compliance when marketing  businesses such as yours and we always take care to ensure we study the rules relating to your profession.  Where appropriate you can even have your internal experts check any posts to ensure we post great content that abides by industry rules. 

We would love to meet with you and talk through how social media could benefit your company. 


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