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How to use digital marketing to promote a firm of Financial Advisors:

06 February 2019 -

When advertising as financial advisors  it is so important to ensure you are putting the correct message across. You want to be professional but also approachable. You want to represent your company as a whole but also create personal connections.

In this blog, we will share some tips on how best to do this. 


Post with photographs:

It is possible to source thousands of free photos that can be used on your company's social media. Sites such as Shutter Stock have lots of great images that help posts come to life. 


Post testimonials:

Testimonials are great on your website but unless someone is already looking at your business they won't see them. Posting testimonials made into graphics are a great way to draw new peoples to the value of your service. 


Inform the public of changes and opportunities:

People may not be aware of things such as changes to the state pension age and how this will affect.  They may not know that they need your help. Telling people about the changes and informing them of how you may be able to help them makes them realise this creates a need.


Talk about retirement dreams: 

People have big plans for what they will do in retirement, talking about these dreams evokes emotions and helps you to engage with readers. 


Don't use too much industry jargon: 


Sometimes we don't even realise that we are using technical words but these can be confusing to prospective clients and make you seem less approachable. A good tip is to get a friend not in your industry to read your content before you post it, to make sure they can understand. 


Post meet the team profiles:

People generally find it a lot easier to trust a person rather than a company. Posting meet the team profiles gives people the chance to start to trust you even before they have met you. 


Know when you don't have time

Understanding that no one in your company has the spare time to focus and on social media right is important.  A Facebook profile that has not been updated in weeks can be worse than not having a profile at all.  Outsourcing your digital marketing can free up your time, as well as ensuring social media is taken care of. If you would like to outsource your marketing we would, of course, love to help.  


Good luck with the social media we look forward to seeing your posts soon